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Brantingham Lake, Lewis County, New York
"The Jewel of the Adirondacks"
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March 11, 2020 at 8:24 PM EDT - Updated March 12 at 7:04 AM BRANTINGHAM, N.Y. (WWNY) - Fire destroyed a well-known Lewis County business Wednesday evening. Volunteers from a number of departments were called to the Coachlight Inn, a bar and restaurant in Brantingham. The owners, Shelly and Robert Doney, have run the business for 28 years and told 7 News there was no one inside when the blaze broke out. Emergency workers had to demolish the bar and restaurant to get to stubborn pockets of fire, while the owners stood by and watched their business of 28 years come down to the ground. “Devastated. I don’t know, it’s just 28 years of being here and seeing it all get torn down is heartbreaking. Hopefully we will be back. We love everybody. We’ll see you soon. Thank’s for all the calls too,” the Doneys said. In a release, county dispatchers are listing the cause as a stove fire and say it’s under investigation. They say fire units arrived to a fire above the kitchen area with heavy smoke and fire in the center of the building. The fire spread quickly through the roof area that had many void spots and layers because of the building’s age and additions. The Doneys said people passing by saw smoke and called for help.


The Adirondack Park is the largest state park in the U.S. - bigger than Yellowstone and Yosemite put together. At 6.1 million acres, it is America's largest state park outside of Alaska.

Oneida Indians, who called the lake "Fish Lake", ceded most of the land in and around Brantingham to the state of New York by formal treaty on February 22, 1788. In 1793, Alexander Macomb made an application to purchase more than 3,500,000 acres (14,000 km2) of land at six cents an acre, including all of Lewis County. On April 4, 1794, the land was sold to Thomas Hopper Brantingham of Philadelphia for $23,073, (forty-six cents an acre), however soon after, he executed three mortgages on the land, neglecting to make good on his debts, eventually it was sold again. John Greig became the next to acquire the land on which Brantingham sits. The town name eventually was changed to Greig, due to the past negative perception of Thomas Hooper Brantingham. Even with this change, the lake and surrounding hamlet kept the name Brantingham.


Brantingham Lake covers 341 acres (1.38 km2) with eleven miles (18 km) of shoreline. The lake has a maximum depth of 70 feet, and an average depth of 30 feet in accordance with fluctuating yearly water levels. There are two islands present, Grant, or Round Island, and Dark Island, in the north, northwest region. Two distinct sand bars, each one marked by buoys and one visibly submerged sand bar stemming off of Dark Island are visible. Depending on yearly water levels, these shallow sand bars may only be covered by a few feet of water, requiring caution from boaters. The lake bottom yields little vegetation, but rather is covered by organic matter and sand, making the lake favorable for recreational use during the summer months.

Snow Capitol of the East

Receiving an average snow fall of 200 inches, skiers, snowmobiling, skaters, cross-country skiers and others will find plenty of frozen lakes, trails, mountains, and ski resorts Snow Ridge, Big Tupper, Gore Mountain, Titus Mountain, Whiteface Mountain to find winter activities at there best. Eighty-six miles of marked trails and over 500 miles of trails wind trough dense forest and wide open spaces through this scenic Forest Preserve. The rugged mountain scenery, heavy winter snows, and a pleasant summer climate combine to make this a popular year-round resort area. The lake is close to all activities all year round.

Local Faire

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Prime "on-the-lake" rentals!

Pine Cove Rentals | Spring/Summer/Fall

Two camps to choose from both beach front properties. Comfortable with plenty of amenities.

Hillcrest Cottage | Spring/Summer/Fall

Lake Front Cottage. Located in a quiet bay on the Lake right across from the Brantingham Golf Club.

Brantingham Lake House | Year Round

Offering year-round rental, beach front property and huge back yard with private basketball court. Perfect winter rental for snow mobiling or skiing and ideal summer location with private beach.

Peaceful Pines | Spring/Summer/Fall

A traditional Adirondack charming open timber camp located on the south side of Long Point.

Gleasman's | Spring/Summer/Fall

Lake Front Cottage. Newly remodeled upstairs bedrooms.